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Mini Goldendoodles

Raised beneath the blue skies and warm sun of Southern Nevada, we recently relocated back to the same mountain-rimmed valley to continue raising our four children and an ever-expanding family of Goldendoodles!

We had spent the previous 10 years in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was there that we discovered that our third child, unfortunately suffers from pet allergies. With all of us in agreement that our family would simply not be complete without a fun, four legged companion to share our many adventures with, we began to seek out the best family friendly, hypo-allergenic breed there was!

Soon after, we welcomed our first GoldenDoodle into our active, growing family. It was love at first sight and as it turned out, a perfect match for us.

We found that the combined attributes of the Golden Retriever and Poodle, made for a winning combination: loyalty, intelligence, fun-loving, gentleness and a hypo-allergenic coat, just to name a few!

People would often stop and ask us what breed our dog Sweetie is, and we always have so much fun talking about the amazing breed of dog we had discovered.

Our Doodle Sweetie has brought our family so much joy, that we decided it would be a whole lot of fun to be able to share that joy with the many other families out there, seeking the same thing we were, some years back.

We caught a vision of being able to offer a smaller version of this loving, adorable, playful breed and thus Sunshine Mini-Doodles was born!