Top quality Goldendoodles!

At Sunshine Doodles we specialize in breeding and hand raising the most adorable, top quality Goldendoodles! From Mini and Medium to Standard size, we breed both American and Teddy Bear English Goldendoodles!

Our breed dogs are of top quality, certified & tested. They are also very loved and well taken care of. As you explore our site, you will come to see just what
we mean.

Our little ones generally do great with our customers who suffer from pet allergies, and are low to non-shedding. Their coats are soft, golden & cream in color, and are either wavy or curly. They are approximately 20lbs when full grown. When given a loving home, our sweet Doodle friends make the absolute best, most loyal companions, that I have ever known in the world of great dogs.

Health tested Golden Doodles!  Recommmended Goldendoodle Breeder!

Adorable Chocolate GoldenDoodles